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WELCOME to bio2energy
Biogas and renewable energy equipment.  All of us at Bio2energy think that the future of energy generation will be based on the utilization of energy from waste and on the energy available from natural sources like the sun, wind and water.
On this website we are offering equipment for the Biogas sector to begin with. Additional product lines will be updated over the next few months.

What is Biogas?
Here are the basics. Biogas is comprised of:
• Methane – 55 to 80%
• Carbon Dioxide – 15 to 40%
• H2S – 1000 to 35,000 ppm
• Humidity – 100% (Saturated)
• Energetic Value – 1m³ = approx. 5 – 7,5 KW/h

Biogas can be generated out of different material (substrates) like:
Animal manure and slurry
Agricultural residues and by-products
Digestible organic waste from food and agro industries (vegetable and animal origin)
Organic fraction of municipal waste and waste from catering (vegetable and animal origin)
Sewage sludge
Dedicated energy crops (e.g. maize, miscanthus, sorghum, clover).

How is it produced?
Biogas is produced through a process called Anaerobic Digestion (AD).
AD is the microbiological process that consists of the decomposition of organic matter in
the absence of oxygen. The main products of this process are biogas and digestate. Biogas is a combustible gas, consisting primarily of methane and carbon dioxide.
Digestate is the decomposed substrate that results from the production of biogas, which is, for its part, a very effective fertilizer for agricultural use.

Where is it applied?
The production of biogas through AD is widely used by modern society in the treatment of livestock manure and slurries.

The aim is to produce renewable energy by either burning the Biogas in CHP (combined heat and power generation) units converting it into electricity and heat, or to upgrade the resulting Biogas to an appropriate level of natural gas purity and feeding it back to the national gas grid.

Today AD is the standard technology used for the stabilisation of primary and secondary sewage sludge, for the treatment of organic industrial waste from food-processing and fermentation industries, as well as for the treatment of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste.

AD is also used to produce biogas using waste from existing landfills.



For now, Bio2energy is a supplier and information platform for renewable energy equipment, especially for Biogas plants.

We extend our product range through creating continuous technological and application updates within the renewable energy sector.

Our aim is to continue with sustainable growth, building long-term relationships with our customers, supplying leading products, and providing maintenance services.

Through innovation and continuous improvement, and by working closely with the industry and regulatory bodies, our aim is to anticipate legislative change.

Our equipment offers the best available technology.
We apply all our experience and knowledge into creating our equipment and controls, removing interfacing issues and improving process efficiency.

We are working with the most advanced technologies and suppliers within the Biogas and renewable energy field.
We comply with all the required European and international security standards.